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Ams platform provides ever demand cloud computing services like Software-As-A-Service (Web Store),Infrastructure-As-A-Service(Web Hosting) for your online business.You can use our brand Webstorehostzy to create your free store online.Try now and join with our happy customers!

Our Services

Online Store / E-Commerce Store

We provide Online Store for your business as free service, Saas Service (rental subscription),One time purchase.

Web Designing,Web Development

Website Define your Business. We are excelled in advanced technologies like Asp.Net,Html5,Css3 for web development for static and dynamic websites.

Digital Marketing Services

Seo Services lets you drive free leads to your business.Good marketing makes the company look smart. We are doing Seo Services, SEM Services, SMM Services for driving traffic to your business.

Hosting Services

We provide Web Hosting Services which lets you to connect your domain on internet

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